Rhys Lawrey around the world motorcycle ride

Back in 2014, we supported Rhys Lawrey in his attempt to break two Guinness World Records, riding around the world on his Triumph Tiger 800XC.

Recently Rhys released the first two episodes of his new series which charts his journey across four continents, eventually arriving back in London in July 2015 – and if you missed them, they’re both available to watch here.

Last time we saw Rhys he was just about to cross into Asia, and the next two episodes, both available to watch below, we follow him as he sails the Caspian Sea and attempt to get into Turkmenistan as he sets his sights on China.

Heading further east the roads continue to deteriorate, and Rhys is forced to switch from ContiTrailAttack 2 tyres to the more aggressive big block TKC 80 to get the extra grip he needs to traverse the tracks of Central Asia.

Check out both of his latest videos below:

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