Mablethorpe Beach Races 2017

It’s fair to say that a Harley-Davidson is probably pretty low of the list of machines you’d associate with beach racing.

However, that didn’t stop Kane Dalton of Bike Social, who attended the beach races at Mablethorpe last month on a modified Street Rod 750.

Harley-Davidson UK are already in the process of turning a fleet of fifteen Street Rods into flat trackers, so when the call came in from Kane they were easily persuaded that Mablethorpe could offer them some valuable testing time.

Ahead of the big day, the bike was handed over to IDP Moto of Silverstone, who made several modifications to the bike including the fitting on Continental TKC 80 tyres.

Launching off the line on the Lincolnshire sand, Kane was left behind by several lighter, faster bikes.

The chain drive slipped off twice in turn-one due to a sand build up, also finding it’s way into places where sand just shouldn’t be found.

On the plus side, a quick look over the shoulder late on revealed that Kane was not last, and with a lot learned in very little time, he’s hoping to adapt the bike and give it another go next year.

You can see how he got on in the Bike Social video below:

Find out more about the TKC 80 here.