Pamir Mountain Crossing by Motorcycle Wakhan Valley

Hugging the Afghan border, the route through Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains and the stunning Wakhan Valley has long taken travelers from Central Asia to China and visa-versa as part of the ancient Silk Road.

Currently traveling from London to Tokyo via Beijing, Kevin Sanders and Dom Davis of GlobeBusters have just successfully led a group of adventurers through this amazing landscape which surrounds the centuries old trading route.

Before crossing the Pamir Mountains, the decision was taken to change all bikes to more off-road suitable tyres, with every rider on the trip opting to fit the Continental TKC 80 which has been tried and tested many times on some of the world’s most challenging terrain.

After a successful ride through the Wakhan Valley the team are now waiting to cross into China on the next stage of their epic journey.

You can follow some of their most recent escapades in the latest video from GlobeBusters below:

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