Bring twenty-five relative strangers with a shared love of motorcycles together, get then to ride across Western Europe over the course of 4 days from one retro bike show to another, and you’ve pretty much summed up The Continental Run.

Last month we sent Brand Manager Graham to Glemseck 101 in Germany, where he joined representatives from BMW Motorrad, Bell Helmets, Red Torpedo, Intermot and The Ace Cafe.

Riding a brand new BMW Rnine T Racer S, fitted with the latest ContiRoadAttack 3 sport touring tyres, Graham and the rest of the group took the long route from Leonberg to the Port of Calais.

Arriving at Dover, the final stretch took them up to London and the annual Ace Cafe Reunion, by which time the strangers had become a close knit group of twenty-five lifelong friends.

If you missed the video from the trip which was launched last week, you can watch it in full below:

You can find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 3 here.