Rhys Lawrey 2moro Rider videos

The last time we caught up with Rhys, he was leaving Africa for Europe and the final leg of his double world record breaking journey around the globe.

Setting off from London’s Ace Cafe in early 2014, Rhys spent around 15 months on the road aboard his trusty Triumph Tiger 800XC which was fitted with either ContiTrailAttack 2 or TKC 80 tyres depending upon the terrain.

Rhys’s eventual destination would be London’s Palace of Westminster, but first of all he’s got a lot of capital cities to visit and some strict rules to follow to set one of his two world records.

The final two installments of his online mini-series have just been released and you can watch them below:

If you’ve missed any of the episodes from Rhys’s travels you can find them all on our website here.

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