Victory Empulse TT

Ever since Polaris Industries, the company behind Victory Motorcycles, took over electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo there has been much talk about how this industrial giant would be able to advance the cause of e-bikes.

Based on the Brammo Empulse R, the new Victory Empulse TT may not look much different on top, but sometimes it’s what’s underneath that counts!

The main focus at Victory so far has been on the battery unit, and they claim to have boosted battery range by 10% under certain conditions. They have done this by turning the 7 Brammo battery modules into two, one above and one below the frame. This has allowed them to improve cell density, although recharge time has now increased.

One thing that has remained the same is the choice of ContiSportAttack 2 rubber as the original equipment fitment. When recently tested by Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine at the official US launch, they commented that the tyres “gave plenty of grip, the Victory had enough ground clearance to make good use of it.”

It’s big brother, the Empulse RR has already competed at the Zero TT, taking 3rd place in the 2015 race.

The bike will initially only be available in the USA, but once Victory assess worldwide demand we can expect to see it land on European shores.

Will the might of another industrial giant in the e-bike arena take this technology to the next level? We’ll just have to wait and see….

Find out more about the ContiSportAttack 2 here.