Honda Varadero 1000 tyres

One man, one motorcycle and 24,000 kilometres – that’s the overland challenge that Sean Rima set himself in order to raise vital funds for the Temple Street University Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

Setting off in April, Sean left his hometown of Clifden in County Galway, aiming to reach the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar on his Honda Varadero 1000.

Looking for a good all-round adventure tyre for the journey, Sean came across the latest Continental TKC 70, which he loaded onto the back of his bike along with his luggage, intending to fit them when his current Anakee III tyres had worn out, which he estimated would be at some point during his crossing of the vast expanse that is Russia. Ideal for both on and off-road use, the TKC 70 would be an ideal choice for the roads of varying quality, from sand, to gravel,and tarmac, which Sean would encounter on his trip.

Honda Varadero Adventure Tyres

As well as taking on the challenge of riding alone for much of the near 3 month trip and traversing some very poor roads, Sean also had to contend with extreme heat. On his return leg through Russia his trusty Varadero started to overheat, but thanks to a little help from a friendly local bike shop, she was patched up and made it all the way back home again.

Continental TKC 70 mileageIn total, Sean put more than 9,000 miles on his TKC 70 tyres are fitting them on the outbound leg whilst crossing Russia. They took him all the way into Mongolia, then back across Russia and the famous Trans-Siberian highway, then down into Georgia and then across Turkey. Sean then moved on into Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, the UK and finally back to Ireland. After all that, Sean still think he’ll get another 1000 miles out of his rear tyre (pictured) and has already got plans to use them in 2016 on his trip to Murmansk and Nordkapp.

“The outbound tyres were not Conti tyres. They had the easier of the trips as my speeds were 10-15km/h lower and there was a lot more gravel roads than the Conti tyres were driven on. I reckon there is still 1000 miles on them before I change them. I have always used Michelin tyres until now. These tyres changed my view and I ordered a set from my garage for my return.”

“Even coming down from Dublin when it was pouring rain and we had diesel on the roads, they never slipped or gave any indication of wear.”

You can find out more about Sean’s trip and make a donation via his official Ulaan 2015 Facebook page.

Find out more about the Continental TKC 70 here.