Two Eejits Touring Africa


It’s not often you get come work on the Monday morning to find a message asking about where to buy a pair of Continental tyres in central Africa, but that’s exactly how we got our first introduction to Johnathan & Mary of ‘Two Eejits Touring’ yesterday.

After leaving Dublin last October, the couple set off across Europe and are now travelling down through Africa on their respective Honda CB500X and CB500F machines, both fitted with the superb adventure kits from our good friends at Rally Raid Performance. They’re heading for South Africa in May, on the current leg of their round the world tour.

Currently in Rwanda, they’ve been trying to find replacement TKC 80 tyres ever since they passed through Kenya and then Uganda, but with no real luck so far – unless they’d been willing to pay a 90% import tax.

With new rear tyres fitted in Italy before they jumped on a cargo ship bound for Egypt, things are now getting a bit desperate so Jonathan reached out to us for help – and thanks to our good friend Alex J Jackson at Kaapstad Tours, we’ve put them in touch with the KTM Centre in Cape Town, who will hopefully be able to get some fresh rubber to them as soon as possible.

During their time in Africa they’ve been on a Gorilla trek in Virunga National Park, checked out Idi Amin’s former palace in Kampala and ridden the trails around Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to name but a few amazing experiences.

The roads have certainly been a challenge, as have some of the local drivers, but Jonathan reports that both he and Mary have had nothing but “amazing grip” so far from their Continental tyres, and no punctures – which is why he’s so keen on getting two more identical set!

You can keep up with their adventure on the Two Eejits Touring Facebook page – we certainly will be!

Find out more about the TKC 80 here.