Continental tyre manufacturer of the year

It’s time to pop the champagne here at Continental, as we’ve just been named “Tyre Manufacturer of the Year” at prestigious Tire Technology Award’s.

The 27 member judging panel were said to have been impressed by the sizable investments in Research & Development, along with production, that we have made in 2016 across all departments.

These investments include our latest High Performance Technology Centre which opened last June in Korbach, Germany along with our research and development of Taraxagum rubber, which is produced from the Russian Dandelion. Our latest R&D centre in Anklam are currently looking into the industrialisation of Dandelion rubber, and we’ve also produced the first ever truck tyre to use the innovative Taraxagum compound.

“We are very excited about this award because it appreciates several technology projects and innovations that we have already realised, working consistently within the scope of our Vision 2025 long-term growth strategy,” said Nikolai Setzer, head of Continental AG’s Tire division. “At the same time, being awarded as the most innovative tyre manufacturer highly motivates our global team – now more than 50,000 employees – to continue on this path, step by step.”

“Consumers of everything from ultra-high performance tyres to agricultural ones, in markets from Europe to China, will benefit from Continental’s outstanding commitment to investment in research and development, testing and manufacturing in the past 12 months. Congratulations to our Tire Manufacturer of the Year,” said Graham Heeps, editor of Tire Technology International and chairman of the judging panel.

When it comes to motorcycle tyre innovation you only have to look at the likes of our Traction Skin Technology, Grip Limit Feedback, MultiGrip and Easy Handling Technology to see how we are pushing boundaries and developing new ideas to benefit motorcyclists.

We’re extremely proud to have our efforts as a whole recognised by a top judging panel.