Katie Jennings trails to the forgotten mickey bergin

At the end of this month, Katie Jennings and Mickey Bergin will be setting off on the journey of a lifetime as they ride a pair of AJP PR4 motorcycles from the UK to New Zealand.

Their route will take them through Europe, Asia and Australasia as they traverse across 22 countries in a single year to reach the other side of the world – no time limits, no pressure, just immersing themselves in the joys of the journey.

Accepted by the Ted Simon Foundation as a Jupiter’s Traveller, Katie is an experienced British Neuroscientist and will be blogging about the duo’s travels as they ride, giving us an insight into “the positive aspects of mankind and the common values we all share despite our many differences.”

With her background, she will also be visiting schools and science centres run by the TCF and Agastya, finding out more about how they are improving access to education for underprivileged children and girls across the globe.

A photographer by trade, Mickey will by putting together a photo-documentary based on man-made structures reclaimed by nature – hence the name of the trip, Trails To The Forgotten!

With no fixed schedule and plenty to explore, the pair will be doing the best to ingratiate themselves with the local population in order to garner valuable knowledge about the area they are travelling through, as well as identifying potential places of interest to them on route.

With a lot of miles ahead of them, and some very questionable road conditions, the pair needed tyres which would give good mileage and a genuine level of off-road grip when needed. With that in mind, they eventually settled on the TKC 70 from Continental, and ordered tyres in for both bikes. They may then switch to our knobbly TKC 80 tyres as conditions deteriorate in Asia.

AJP PR4 road tyresThe pair said:

“We’ve heard such good things about the durability and performance of Conti tyres that we decided they had to be our tyre of choice. So we got in touch with Graham at Cambrian Tyres for some expert advice on which sort we needed. We’re on the dualsport TKC 70’s at the outset as they’re high mileage tyres and we’ll be mainly on-road for the first part of the trip. As the terrain becomes more off-road, we’ll switch to TKC80’s (depending on how the 70’s are doing at that point of course!). Both can be used tubeless but we’ll have tubes in.”

Prepped and ready to go, you can follow their trip at trailstotheforgotten.co.uk – you will also find links to their social media pages, which are regularly updated with Katie and Mickey’s latest pictures and information.

We wish them all the best on their journey, and look forward to seeing everything they discover along the way!

Find out more about the TKC 70 here.