Honda Africa Twin trail riding tyres

The new Honda Africa Twin is definitely the adventure motorcycle of 2016, proving to be a big hit with riders up and down the UK.

In the September issue of RiDE Magazine, Technical Editor Matt Hull is looking back on his time at the Isle of Man TT, when he took the new Honda over to the island for a spot of trail riding.

With bikes everywhere, and so many road closures over the course of the two TT weeks, the Africa Twin is the ideal bike to take.

The Isle of Man is full of superb trails, and unlike the mainland, they’re even signposted for motorcyclists so you know where you are allowed to go – just watch out for horses!

Not only does the big Honda offer superb comfort and plenty of options for luggage, it can also offer a unique way to get to some of the spectator hot spots when the roads are shut as Matt found out.

For the trip Matt fitted our latest Continental TKC 70 tyres, less aggressive than the TKC 80 chosen by Honda for the official launch (above) and giving him the best of both worlds on and off-road, which allowed him to get right up to the Mountain Box which was completely deserted.

motorcycle tyres Honda Africa TwinMatt says:

“I was initially cautious on the big trailie, but the Continental TKC 70 tyres I’ve fitted (with thanks to my mate Ed) gave more traction on the dry, mainly rocky trails and more confidence. Some get very rocky so I reduced the preload to stop the suspension banging as it tops out, with little reduction in ride height – the Twin has good clearance.”

He did have to admit defeat at a rather boggy spot up to the mountain section and use the boards put down for walkers, but the TKC 70’s are not designed for use on muddier terrain – the more aggressive TKC 80 would be at home in that situation.

Matt goes on to say that the TKC 70’s are much better than the standard fitment tyres, and “allow the Africa Twins off-road ability to shine.”

Pick up the latest copy of RiDE for the full story of the trip.

You can find out more about the TKC 70 here.