Motorcycle tyresOur colleagues at Continental head office in Germany have proved that they are the best in the industry when it comes to service! In the January 2014 issue of Motorrad magazine, the editors pitted eight leading motorcycle tyre manufacturers against one another to see which one offered the best service, and Continental came top of the list!

The extensive tests by the magazine focused on three key areas:

  • Overall service quality
  • Responsiveness to enquiries
  • Quality of available information

In total Continental scored 94 points out of a possible 100, putting them top of the eight manufacturers tested with their service being rated as “very good”. They editors were particularly impressed with the amount of detailed information available via the Continental website, along with the in depth and personalised responses that technical experts in Germany gave to written enquiries whilst answering in what was described as “record time”.

Great news, and congratulations to everyone on the team! Not only do we supply innovative products that perform to the very highest levels, we also have the very best service in the industry to back it up!