Yamaha DT125 TKC 80 review

Yamaha launched the DT125 back in 1974, and despite not undergoing any major change since the 80’s, they continued to be popular learner-legal machines well into the new millennium.

In truth, most DT125s don’t stray from the road, but as Practical Sportsbikes editor Jim Moore knows full well, they’re more than capable off it too.

Recently, Jim fitted a pair of our TKC 80 Twinduro rubber to his personal bike, and in their September issue he had this to say to readers:

“Damian was the first to test these Twinduros, when he borrowed by DT to do the Taffy Dakar Rally. He came back raving about them, telling me about how much he could lean the bike on tarmac, as well as how effective they’d been on the dirt. I put that down to hyperbole, but blow me if he wasn’t dead right.

My route to work on the DT is a series of very bumpy single-track lanes of varying quality – a test for any bike, or indeed rubber. On its original boots the DT was skittish and at times unpredictable on these roads, particularly through corners. On the Twinduros, however, I can lay the 125R down in a turn, motocross style, almost kissing ‘pegs with tarmac, then back on the gas again without so much as a whimper from either tyre. In short, they’ve transformed the handling.

Off road they’ll cope with a spot of gentle green laning, but proper mud (that’s been in short supply this summer) will have them clogged in no time. For winter off-roading I’m going to have to look elsewhere. As a road/trail tyre, however, I’m impressed.”

Yamaha DT125 off road tyres

The TKC 80 has been the preferred option of many leading adventure riders for many years, including Nick Sanders, 2ridetheworld and GlobeBusters.

It is available in a wide range of sizes for both light, middle and heavyweight adventure bikes.

You can view the full TKC 80 range here.