KTM 1050 Adventure Tyre Fitment

The KTM 1050 Adventure caused quite a stir at it’s official launch earlier this year, as the little brother to the 1190 Adventure, with a 95bhp engine meeting A2 licence regulations, opening up a new potential world of opportunity even to those on a restricted licence.

In the 11th March 2015 edition of Motorcycle News, guest road tester Simon Hargreaves decided to test the bike  off the beaten track, changing the stock rubber for the latest Continental TKC 70 dual sport tyre.

Simon wanted to find out of the slimmed down KTM was really a good way for new riders to get their off-road debut. After a section of road riding, it was time to put the new bike, and rubber, to the test:

“KTM’s new 1050 Adventure plunges nose-first into a large one, spraying out a blanket of muddy water. We’ve just come careering down a rocky path, bounced off a couple of verges and slammed into the remains of last night’s rain storm. As the 19in front wheel aquaplanes into the puddle it skips from side to side, but the dual-purpose 19in Conti TKC 70 finds the bottom, digs into gravel and we power through, dripping wet – but upright, and laughing like a drain.”

It’s safe to say that Simon had fun on the new KTM which wasn’t all hampered by it being sub 100bhp. He even went on to say that “with the right tyres it’s no less capable than the 1190 off-road. With good dual-purpose rubber fitted, like Conti’s TKC 70 instead of the standard Metzeler Tourance, the 1050 can be piloted down loose tracks with confidence and only runs into trouble when the mud gets thick and tread clogs up” but in fairness, we’ve got the TKC 80 for that….

As for on road performance, Simon was just as impressed with both bike and tyre; “The TKC grips from new even on cold, salty tarmac and, unlike many dual-purpose tyres, feels confident with peg-down heroics.”

The little brother retains much of the key bits used in the class leading 1190 Adventure, including ABS, Traction Control and a 23-litre fuel tank. One of the changes is the use of a narrower 150 section rear, ideal for light and accurate steering. It also doesn’t carry the larger price tag of it’s bigger sibling.

So if you are looking to start your off-road adventure, then perhaps we have found the perfect combo….

Find out more about the TKC 70 here.