MT-09 Tracer tyres

Great news for MT-09 Tracer riders – the Continental TKC 70 has now been approved for fitment on the popular Yamaha machine!

Sport touring like performance on the road, but more than capable to take on stretches of gravel and light to medium off-road work, the TKC 70 is an excellent alternative tyre choice for riders of Yamaha’s superb machine.

The MT-09, like the rest of the MT series, has become one of the most popular bikes in it’s class thanks to the value for money it offers, whilst delivery unbeatable performance too.

off-road tyres MT-09 TracersIt’s a great touring machine one or two up, and has been used by a large number of riders to explore the UK and Europe on 2-wheels.

When you’re touring it’s great to know you’ve got that little extra something up your sleeve when you need it – and with the TKC 70 able to take you safely off the tarmac, there’s no reason to stop exploring when the road ends.

That gravel track up to a great camping spot? No problem!

The dirt road leading you to an unmissable view point? Go for it!

View the full TKC 70 range and find out more here.