BMW R1200GS tyres

BMW R1200GS tyre reviewsThe ‘go anywhere, do anything’ nature of the modern day big adventure bikes is a major factor in drawing riders to that segment of the market in big numbers.

However, most adventure motorcycles tend to come with road oriented rubber – perhaps capable of handling the occasional dirt or gravel road, but nothing more. Your choice if you want to venture further? Replace the tyres prematurely, or just grin and bear it, wear them out, and keep your sense of adventure under wraps for a little while longer.

In Issue 28 of the independent BMW Motorcycle Magazine, after many on-road miles Mark Whitley had reached that very point, and decided to opt for the Continental TKC 70 to broaden his horizons!

“Over the last several thousand miles, I couldn’t feel any difference between the TKC 70 and the OEM Michelin tyres riding my favourite curvy roads” says Mark. “Traction on the street was predictable and at the limit, minor throttle corrections would keep the rear in line. It was easy to tell when the limit was reached and this stability was just as evident on wet roads. This was surprising, as I would have expected deeper tread to soften the turn-in at a quicker pace. As before riding hard pack dirt and gravel roads felt stable on the big GS. The only insecure feelings came on slick mud or deep silt in dry wash beds.”

The TKC 70 uses the carcass construction of our more road-oriented ContiTrailAttack 2 to deliver excellent handling, whilst the deep block style tread pattern provides increased traction off-road, without affecting overall mileage. Our Rain Grip compound also offers superb grip in wet conditions.

Mark summed up saying:

“Overall, the Continental TKC 70 has become my current R1200GSW tyre of choice for a competent adventure touring tyre. It gives up nothing in traction on the street with 45% more rear tyre life. It also seems more than capable handling the off-road trails I can now enjoy riding with my big 1200.”

Our complete range of adventure tyres have all been tested to their limits by our official partners Nick Sanders and GlobeBusters, along with many other riders around the world!

Find the right Continental adventure tyre for your journey both on or off-road here.