World's Fastest BMW GS

Meet Trev Richter – adventure riding coach and serious thrill seeker.

He’s currently building up to a world record at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, whilst also raising funds for the Motorcycle Relief Project which helps combat veterans to overcome the effects of PTSD.

However it’s not just the speed that’s raising eyebrows, but Trev’s choice of motorcycle – a world beating BMW R1200GS adventure bike.

Big dual-sport bikes like the BMW are well-used to taking on some very difficult terrain, but they’re not commonly used for speed records.

However, Trev aims to take his R1200GS to 170mph – by shaving weight and adding a number of after market parts including a new exhaust, nitrous system and taller gearing.

BMW R1200GS speed record

The bike has also been fitted with (W) rated ContiTrailAttack 2 radial tyres, more than capable of safely reaching these kinds of speeds.

So far Trev has been steadily building up his speed, recently hitting 144mph – which is a record in itself.

However there’s still more to do, as he looks to make his record almost unbreakable.

Best of luck Trev!

We’ll let you know how he gets on…

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