“More than just a road tyre in off-road drag.”

That was the verdict in the November 2014 edition of RiDE Magazine when they reviewed the new, dual purpose TKC 70 following our international launch on the fringes of Snowdonia in August.

With the UK market for big adventure bikes growing, majority road riders have been asking for a tyre that gives them the opportunity to tackle more rugged terrain, without compromising on mileage and on-road performance. Combining the best attributes of our class leading TKC 80 Twinduro with the increasingly popular ContiTrailAttack 2 we have created a tyre which offers a perfect blend of the two.

Journalists from around the world got the opportunity to test the tyre on a range of different adventure machines, both on and off-road. Thanks to the typically changeable Welsh weather, wet grip was also put to the challenge!

RiDe commented:

“Testing on the road brought surprisingly impressive results. I usually find dual-purpose tyres a little short of feedback and ultimate grip and don’t like to push them too much. The TKC 70 is different.” Opting first of all to test the new rubber on the KTM 1190 Adventure they went on to say “Before long I was totally relaxed about braking hard and deep in the corners. Getting on the power early wasn’t at all worrying. And I didn’t have any problems round the bends at more acute angles. During all this hard use, the electronics weren’t triggered once, the tyres never flinched, and they didn’t give any sign they were unable to deal with what was being asked of them.”

Adventure tyre reviews

The TKC 70 has adopted the carcass of the road biased ContiTrailAttack 2, which offers light and nimble handling on even the biggest of adventure bikes. Our unique Rain Grip compound also provides reassurance on wet roads, but how did RiDE think it handled the Welsh rain?

“Even when it rained, the tyres continued to feel secure. The prominent tread pattern was clearly doing a good job of shifting the water, with the rubbers high silica content having a strong effect in these conditions.” You can find Rain Grip in a number of our pure road tyres too…

The writer also praised the “solid and stable feel” stating that you would “think you were riding on top-quality sports-touring rubber. They might have a chunky, block tread, but the TKC 70s don’t move around or start to feel vague. High-speed stability is also faultless and the tyres profiles gave the 1190 Adventure predictable steering.”

So, with the roads covered, how would the TKC 70 fair off-road? We have taken the knowledge and experience we have gained in producing the class leading TKC 80 Twinduro, in order to ensure that the TKC 70 is more than capable over the kinds of terrain that the majority of big adventure bike riders will find themselves tackling.

RiDE Magazine decided to choose the Suzuki V-Strom 650, first taking on a short enduro style course laid on around the grounds of the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel before we headed out for the day towards some faster, more open fire roads.

“As the TKC 70 had impressed me on the road the previous day, they did the same off-road, surprising me more and more with how they dealt with the terrain” write RiDE. “The routes were none too challenging rocky and gravelly fire roads. We didn’t go anywhere near some of the more extreme stuff you’d see on a competitive enduro course. Even so, the tyres boosted the 650s abilities well enough to deal with the harder-packed terrain more than competently. On one fairly steep rocky descent they did a fine job. On a normal road-based tyre I would definitely have had trouble staying on.

With the first German produced radial sizes due this October, the TKC 70 has been described as “staggeringly capable, a real revelation.” We will announce as soon as they arrive in the UK, so stay tuned!

With three great adventure bike options, Continental have a tyre to meet your needs, no matter where you are heading, and no matter which route you decide to take to get there….