Around The World In 4 Minutes 27 Seconds

Ok, so double world record holder Rhys Lawrey didn’t quite make it around the globe in 4 minutes & 27 seconds, but thanks to his latest video, you can! After arriving back in the UK in July, becoming the ‘Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the Globe by Motorcycle’ and setting a new record for ‘Most Consecutive […]

Overland Travel – Plan For The Worst, But Always Hope For The Best

When it comes to overland motorcycle travel, you’d be hard pressed to find someone better to ask for advice than Julia Sanders, one half of the husband and wife team behind Continental partner GlobeBusters, along with Kevin Sanders. In the October 2015 edition of RiDE magazine, Julia explains why it’s essential to plan for the […]

2moro Rider Seals Double World Record In London

Rhys Lawrey, aka 2moro Rider completed his epic journey across the globe last Friday. Covering 56,854 miles, 71 countries and six continents, he brings home not one but two world records. The successful completion of Rhys’ trip, which he made on his trusty Continental shod Triumph Tiger 800XC fondly known as ‘Tigger’, sees him become both the […]

Triple celebration for Rhys in San Marino

Round the world rider Rhys Lawrey, who is sponsored by Continental,  has more than tripled the existing record for the “Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle“. The 23-year-old arrived in the Italian microstate of San Marino on Tigger, his Triumph Tiger 800XC, bringing his tally to 17 cities. Rhys has now covered 48,000 miles, […]

GlobeBusters Guide To Border Crossings

As well as mastering the roads, and the very different driving styles of other nations, overland motorcycle travellers need to be pretty adept at mastering the art of border crossing. One pair of motorcycle adventure riders who know everything there is to know about border crossings are Kevin and Julia Sanders, of leading motorcycle expedition […]