V-Strom 1000 ABS tyresSuzuki’s V-Strom 1000 is one of the most popular adventure style motorcycles on the market, aimed squarely at those who do most of their miles on the road, but with the ability to go off-road when needed.

After testing a set of road oriented tyres on the bike, Motorcyclist Magazine editor Marc Cook decided to fit a set of Continental TKC 70’s to his long term test machine – also aimed at riders who do the majority of their miles on the road, but want the ability to go off-road when required. Already tested on a variety of terrain around the world by the likes of GlobeBusters and Nick Sanders, these are more than just road tyres with a chunky looking tread.

With only a month or so to go until he has to hand the bike back to Suzuki, Marc was only able to cover around 1,000 miles on the new rubber, and in their November 2015 issue he gives some brief feedback on how they have performed so far:

“I haven’t worn down the Continental TKC 70s just fitted, but they seem like a great on-road/fire-road compromise” says Marc. Later on he goes on to say that “overall the TKCs are a great choice. Handling is neutral, dry grip is very good, and there’s no degradation in ride quality.”

With so little time to pack the miles in, they have also recently fitted a set of TKC 70’s to another suitable long term test bike – the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, to get a better idea of how they perform during their life. With 135bhp at the back wheel, and the engine used at the heart of the 1290 Superduke, it’s the ultimate in touring luxury, and we look forward to seeing how they get on with both bike and tyres in future issues!

Find out more about the TKC 70 here.