Suzuki TL1000S tyres

Over the past year, Classic Motorcycle Mechanic’s Andy Bolas has been hard at work on his Project TL1000S.

Suzuki’s short lived V-Twin was discontinued in 2001, and although not universally loved, the bike retains something of a cult following.

This year Andy fitted a set of the latest ContiSportAttack 3 tyres to his Suzuki, and had this to say in the magazine’s January 2018 issue:

best suzuki tl1000 tyre“The first thing that you will notice with these tyres is that they aren’t shiny like new tyres usually are, this is due to the new tyre mould coating technology Continental employs which eliminates the need for tyre release agents, thus giving the end user a much quicker scrub-in time!

When we fitted this set of ContiSportAttack 3s to our Project TL1000S (my first ride out on the bike after the new tyres and suspension was fitted) went so smoothly I forgot within 10 miles or so that I was on new tyres, such was the feeling and feedback from them. It wasn’t even a particularly warm day either. You can’t really complain about a tyre that’s happy to from zero to hero blobs in such a short space of time, can you? Even being cack-handed and trying to provoke the big twin didn’t phase them.

These tyres have now been on the TL for around a year and probably around a thousand miles or so. These have been a mix of track and road miles in varied conditions. Even in the wet the SportAttack 3s have given no issues at all and feel at least as good as their competitor’s tyres that I’ve used on big bikes like my GSX-R1000K1.

All in all, a great tyre that I wouldn’t hesitate in getting again.”

Perfect for spirited road riding and even occasional track day use, you can find out more about the ContiSportAttack 3 hypersport tyre here.