California Superbike School UK

Head coach ‘Spidey’ at the superbike school has been experimenting with a number of continental motorcycle tyre options.

He reports; “Just to let you know we’ve just done two hectic days on the International Circuit at Silverstone in the warmest, driest days of the year so far. Tyres performed superbly.

I am even more impressed with the SportAttack 2s! Some of the hire bikes were out in all three groups, all day for both days, some did over 750 miles and the tyres, which have already done two Schools, were faultless.

I got to try the Medium compound RaceAttacks too. The front took a while before I had much confidence in it but when it was scrubbed and hot it worked well. The rear was at least as good as the Dunlop D211s we ran last year and yet it probably has another two days at somewhere like Stowe in them. I did 400+ miles on them and they looked similar to the D211 at the end of the two days, a visible drive line but it looked to be working well rather over-worked.

Some of the guys ran the Endurance compound they were better when really hot. The tyre at the end of the day looked like it had just been scrubbed in! The soft fronts were ultra grippy and something that could really be relied on!

Again, the Coach R1s with the SportAttack 2s were just superb; confidence inspiring, predictable and although we wore one rear out completely (at around 1000 full-on track miles, some wet) they were still doing the job to the end.”

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