ContiSportAttack 3 magazine reviews

Launched in late 2015, the ContiSportAttack 3 hypersport tyre sets new standards in the sporty road tyre segment, topping the coveted tyre test by Fast Bike earlier in 2016.

In the latest issue of Performance Bikes Magazine, Features Editor Chris Newbigging has been giving his feedback on the latest ContiSportAttack 3 tyres which he has been using on his Yamaha YZF-R1 long-term test bike.

In their December 2016 edition, Chris says:

“I fitted these tyres to my R1 long-termer earlier in the year, for everyday road miles in variable conditions. The OE Supercorsa SPs were too radical at sub-trackday pace with the R1’s uncompromising feel, and were actually detrimental to the steering precision and feel on the road. It always felt like the bike was on tip-toes and never loading the tyres properly.

These more rounded Continentals made an instant difference – a fatter contact patch at small to medium lean angles calmed the steering down and gave more feedback.

On the road, you rarely get to the point where the trade-off in big-lean contact is a major problem, so you feel a benefit all the time.

ContiSportAttack 3 reviewThey’ve since been tried on PB’s BMW S1000XR test bike – they’re all the tyre the bike needs. Wet performance is good, and they work really nicely before they’re up to temperature, too.

The drawback is that they’re not up to a really hard trackday on something so powerful with electronics – they chew up and the bike leans hard on its electronic controls.

But, to be fair to this rubber, that’s really beyond the remit of a tyre like this – on someting less aggressive, or at intermediate trackday pace, they’d be ok.

What they are is a really good sporty road tyre.”

Following it’s introduction into the UK in early 2016, the ContiSportAttack 3 has become the official tyre of the California Superbike School in the UK, used on both instructor and student Ducati machines.

You can view the full range of sizes here.