Pre Injection 750 Kawasaki Race Bikes

With the unfortunate demise of Hottrax earlier in the year, Continental supported CMR Racing have spent their season competing in the Pre-Injection 750 series with No Limits Racing, who had their season finale at Donington in mid-October.

Leading the championship earlier on in the season, rider Craig Robertson was unable to take part in several races, and almost missed out on the final round after his father and fellow racer Neil was rushed to hospital in the week building up to the race with cardiac problems. Thankfully Neil underwent a successful quadruple heart bypass, and urged Craig to race whilst he recovered. Of course, we wish Neil all the best for his recovery and hope to see him back out on track soon.

With plenty on his mind, Craig arrived at Donington, certainly not one of his favourite circuits, looking to secure 2nd place in the championship, those missed rounds making his main rival now almost impossible to catch.

Conditions for qualifying were cold but dry, and saw the ContiRaceAttack Slick shod #617 Kawasaki display some cylinder issues, which led to an emergency strip down and rebuild of the bike to try and rectify the problem. All seemed fine once the bike was fired up once again, but the only way to tell was to get out on track for race one.

racing slick motorcycle tyreThe first four laps of the race went by without a problem, but then the cylinder issue reared it’s head once again, with Craig still able to bring the bike home in 3rd place. For race two the issue seemed to be cured, resulting in some battles with some of the NLC Cup 1000 riders out on track at the same time, and again Craig came home in 3rd place.

Before race three the team decided to make some gearing changes on the Kawasaki, which allowed Craig to set his fastest ever lap time around Donington, and saw him finish in 3rd place once again. The final race was delayed, and by the time the riders got out on track, temperature had dropped significantly. Wanting to get round in one piece, many of the riders backed off for the final race, with Craig again taking the final spot on the podium, and securing 2nd place in the Pre-Injection 750 championship.

With no class for their bikes currently available in 2016, Craig and team are currently considering their options for next season.

Congratulations to them on a well deserved result!

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