Wirral 100 Lightweight Open Championship tyres

Racing, as with anything in life, has both it’s high and it’s low points – and last weekend was definitely had both for Sam Cross at the final meeting of the Wirral 100 Club.

Sam, who runs Wirral based SC Motorcycles, has been on the podium pretty much all season after making the switch to ContiRaceAttack Comp treaded race tyres, and also recorded a superb 2nd placed finish in the Newcomer B race at the Manx Grand Prix earlier this year, as well as a top ten finish in the Supertwins.

Arriving at Trac Mon in plenty of time for his final round of the season, Sam was offered a free track day pass for the Friday, giving him plenty of extra opportunity to prepare his rather striking Kawasaki 650 for the weekend’s action.

treaded motorcycle race tyres for Wirral 100However, during the 2nd track day session, after a brief lapse in concentration, Sam had a massive high side going into the final corner, which saw him go head first into the tarmac. Luckily his helmet did it’s job, but a lengthy visit to Bangor A&E confirmed a broken radius and a broken thumb, and the need to wear a cast meant the end of his racing for this year.

However, thanks to his superb performances throughout 2015, Sam was still able to secure the Lightweight Open title, along with 2nd place in the Supertwin Championship.

Already thinking about next season, Sam is already on the hunt for a new bike, so we are almost certain to see him back in action in 2016. He’s also now got plenty of spare time on his hands to repair his current machine, pictured above following the high side.

Congratulations to Sam on his successes this season, and get well soon!

Find out more about the ContiRaceAttack Comp here.