Golden Era Supebike Rockingham

Round 6 of the GoldenEra Superbikes was held at Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby at the beginning of August, where RS Racing seemed to be plagued with  bad luck all weekend and Rockingham really tested the mustard of the team.

Friday’s practice first session was dry, but a faulty fuel cap saw the session abandoned after just one lap. The rest of the day was held in heavy rain. Ryan was putting some good times on the Continental Rain tyres and with a couple of tweeks to the new rear suspension things where looking good. Ryan was stringing together race pace lap times, until he crashed out on one of the very few right handers.

“It was important for us to know we could run race pace in the wet as we are forecast to have a wet weekend. I’m annoyed with the crash as i did nothing different from the previous lap. The track just doesn’t have the abrasive nature of the other tracks we visit.”

Saturday qualifying saw Ryan struggling to get a good lap time in spending most of the session in 8th place. On the last lap Ryan put in a solid lap to get himself in the middle of the second row in 5th.

RS Racing

Race one, the struggles continued. Ryan start the race well, running with the front three, but just after 2 laps something went wrong with the rear suspension and Ryan did everything he could to hold of the following pack. Despite his efforts, Ryan finished the race in 5th.

Race two saw a repeat of race one. Ryan started well but again after just a few laps the rear shock wouldn’t function. Ryan did improve however finishing in a good 4th.

“Both race one and two where very frustrating. I feel I had the pace to put the Continental SP2 on the podium but again we have rear end set up issues. We put a new shock in that should have cured the issues but we seem to have gone backwards. 

We have some changes to make for Sunday’s races and really we have nothing to loose. The Continental tyres were working great, the front was so planted and I felt I could stop the bike on a Penny, I just couldn’t stop the bike pumping on the exit of the corner.”

Sunday’s race was to take the team’s bad luck to the limit. Race one was dry and Ryan started the race 5th on the grid, and after a good start he found himself in 3rd by turn three. Half way through the race Ryan was battling with 2 other riders for third place. Everything was looking good with Ryan setting his fastest lap of the weekend, but upon exiting turn 2, one of the fastest parts of the circuit, Ryan had a nasty crash. There is no run off at this part of the track and Ryan and bike hit the tyre wall. The race was immediately red flagged and Ryan was treated by the medical team.

We caught up with Ryan shortly after.

“I’m gutted about the crash, the bike looks a mess and it just tops off a very challenging weekend. The changes we made over night seemed to transform the bike and we was heading in the right direction. I’m a little battered and bruised but most of all I’m very lucky to walk away from that crash.”

RS Racing will be back in action at the next round at Anglesey – faster, stronger and even more determined to make amends for the mistake.

Photo credits to Ian Boldy Superbike Photography.

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