Great Divide Motorcycle Ride

The Great Divide is billed as the greatest of American adventures.

The route, which was originally mapped by the Adventure Cycling Association of Missoula, crosses the USA from Antelope Wells in New Mexico, right through to Banff in Canada. In total the route measures around 2700 miles, and hugs the Continental Divide as closely as possible, taking in some of the most amazing riding terrain that America has to offer.

In the November 2014 issue of Dirt Bike Magazine, rider Bob Sutton discusses his epic ride along the Great Divide route on his faithful Kawasaki KLR 650. With some sections of the original cycle route off-limits to anything with an engine, Bob needed a tyre that could cope both on and off-road, and decided to opt for the Continental TKC 80 Twinduro, knowing they would perform well in all environments.

After riding to the start point in New Mexico, and then back home again from Canada, Bobs overall journey would be closer to 5500 miles, and with stories of mud in New Mexico deep enough to swallow a KLR whole, Bob had his fingers crossed that the weather remained dry. With temperatures so hot that Bob claimed he could fry an egg on anything metal, rain it turned out, would not be a problem.

Bob, and fellow rider Tom from Colorado, began their journey on 1st July, effectively meaning that the chances of a part of their route being blocked by snow were nil. America is a vast, vast place, and as they journeyed north it would be hours Great divide 1travelling from one sign of civilisation to the next, with only the wildlife and each other for company, along with the odd bear…

The pair passed numerous ghost towns, abandoned log homes, and deserted ranches and mines from times gone by.

The route took them through many of the most stunning parts of America, including the canyons of New Mexico, Rocky Mountains of Colorado and vast prairies of Southern Wyoming. With camping gear strapped to the bikes, hotels were only allowed when they fitted into their schedule, otherwise it was a night out under the stars.

Just two riders living the American dream. Sounds good, doesnt it?

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