GlobeBusters South Africa Garden Route

Whether you prefer riding on smooth roads or like to kick up clouds of dust on gravel tracks, South Africa’s Garden Route is one of the world’s premier riding destinations.

Our friends at GlobeBusters run regular trips to this popular biking destination, and in the June issue of RiDE Magazine they’ve been sharing helpful information with readers who are thinking of planning a trip to the area.

  • Why Should You Go?

Simply put, the Garden Route offers some of the best coastal tarmac riding in the world, dotted with amazing beaches, and set against a mountainous backdrop. The food, wine and hospitality are second to none, and despite the relative weakness of the pound, it is still very good value for money and a great place to escape to when British winter sets in.

  • What’s It Like To Ride?

The standard of driving in South Africa is generally good, but can vary. Overtaking on main highways can occur in any lane, including the hard shoulder. On single lane roads, large vehicles often use the hard shoulder to let faster vehicles pass. Watch out for animals, as anything from chickens to baboons can suddenly run out in front of you once outside main towns.

  • What Should You See?

Chapman’s Peak Drive and the Cape of Good Hope are both spectacular, or you can take in some amazing dirt roads to climb the Swartberg Pass. Whale spotting from the beaches at Wilderness is not to be missed, nor the wildlife in the Addo Elephant National Park.

  • How Do You Get There?

For a trip of four weeks or more, sea freight is the most economical way to get your bike there from the UK, and takes around 12 days. Hire bikes are plentiful and reasonably priced for shorter trips.

  • When Should You Go?

The Garden Route region of South Africa has a Mediterranean style climate, with a moderately hot summer and mild to chilly winter. October is one of the most settled times of the year to visit, with temperatures averaging around 21 degrees Celsius as the summer season begins.

  • What Documents Will You Need?

Your passport must be valid for at least six months, and at the time of writing UK citizens don’t require a visa for advanced travel. Don’t forget your UK driving licence, and an International Driving Permit from the RAC. If you take your own bike, you’ll also need the original logbook for a temporary import, along with a Carnet de Passage. You are also required to have travel and medical insurance, along with motorcycle insurance if taking your own bike.

Before setting off, don’t forget to ensure that you have the right tyres for your intended route.

As an official partner of Continental, GlobeBusters will select the most suitable tyre from our adventure range ahead of any journey. The road-biased ContiTrailAttack 2 is ideal for those sticking to the tarmac, whereas the TKC 70 is suitable for tackling gravel and dirt tracks.

You can view the full range of Continental adventure tyres here.