TKC 70 tyre review

If you’re looking for a tyre with more off-road performance than your usual road rubber, but don’t want to sacrifice on mileage, then you’re just the kind of rider that we designed the TKC 70 for!

It sits slap bang in the middle of our adventure tyre range, between the ContiTrailAttack 3 adventure touring tyre and our venerable TKC 80 Twinduro world beater, and is used by the likes of Nick Sanders and GlobeBusters.

In the April 2019 issue of RiDE Magazine, Martin Fitz-Gibbons reviewed a set after covering 4,000 miles (and counting) on a pair on his F800GS.

Writing about his experience on the TKC 70, Martin says:

“I bought a set and have ridden 4000 miles on them, from commuting to laden touring, two-up trips, muddy byways and everything in between.

In general the TKC 70s feel more like a road tyre than a knobbly. They steer easily and intuitively, with non of the lurching turn-in you can get with more dirt-biased tyres. At speed they’re quiet too, without the hideous harmonic road noise that comes from riding on wobbly blocks. The TKC 70s warm up quickly and, unlike many off-road tyres, work great on wet asphalt, with grip and feel similar to a decent touring tyre.

Durability is pretty decent too. After 4000 miles the rear has visibly squared but plenty of tread depth remains – a set of TKC 80s would be shot by now. In part, the 70’s lifespan is helped by a central band of solid rubber around the centre of the rear tyre, which bears the brunt of the load when upright.

Off-road they gobble up dry gravelly trails without flinching. The front’s chunky tread lets it bite into dirt harder than pure road rubber does, adding confidence. But the 70s easily meet their limit when things get muddy – the design can’t clear out gloopy slop from between the grooves like full knobblies can.”

You can read Martin’s full article in the April issue of RiDE.

Find out more about the TKC 70 range here.