Best sport touring tyresEarlier this year, we gave Doc of the FJR Owners Club the chance to test the latest Continental sport touring tyre, the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO which boasts more mileage and better wet grip than its predecessor.

Following the initial test, they have become something of a tyre of choice for the clubs FJR1300 owners, and Doc and the team loved them so much, they have been working hard to find new, tougher tests to see just what they are capable of.

Recently Doc and two other riders decided to take a GSX-R1000 K5, Ducati 996 and Panigale 899 all the way to Mugello in Italy for a track day. Naturally they caused a bit of a stir when they all rocked up on a 3,000 mile round trip with their Ventura gear, to greet a group of other riders who had all had their bikes transported by van or lorry to Italy on race and track day rubber. They certainly didn’t get to enjoy the ride down via Nurburg and the Dolomites like Doc did.

Doc says:  “With no tyre warmers, and just a few laps to get the heat into them it was full speed vicar. By the end of the day we hadn’t had a single issue with the tyres and they offered outstanding grip which seemed more than a match for the full on track bikes and their race tyres.”

In November after completing the 3000 mile round trip to Mugello and a track day, Doc then took the same used set of tyres all the way to Portimao for a track day with a difference. Organised by Rehn Racing, he rocked up on his 2008 ZX10R, again with the Ventura touring rack, and folded in his mirrors ready to give the tyres a thrashing.

The Rehn Racing team give each rider a transponder and race number for the front of the bike, and after several sessions, those who are fastest qualify for a final race. Again running against race bikes on race rubber, Doc qualified 28th out of a grid of 40, with a 20 further riders failing to make the grid at all.

On returning to the UK he told us more about how the trip panned out: “As I queued up in 28th place for the race, I looked to my right and there was a Moto2 GP bike, really! Obviously the guy wasn’t a MotoGP rider, but it pleased me to have qualified in front of one. To my left was the latest Aprilia RSV4. It was looking like me and my standard ZX10 on Contis were going to get a kicking. It was only a 5 lap race but I managed to up my lap times to 204 and finish 12th. This must be a clear indication of the performance of these touring Contis. It only span up once and the tyre gave me all the grip and feedback to be competitive in this race. These tyres are lasting over 4K on a sports bike while offering grip to handle a track day/race. When used on a modern sports touring bike it is nice to know that, even though they are long lasting, they still have the excellent performance to keep your 145bhp performance in check.”  

The latest sport touring tyre from Continental includes their unique Rain Grip compound, extra grippy Traction Skin straight from the mould and a Zero Degree Steel Belt for superb high speed stability and an optimised contact patch. Find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO, available in a range of sizes including for big adventure bikes.