ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance review on track

Gary Hurd’s 1983 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana certainly isn’t a bike you’d lose sight of in a crowd.

With close to 69,000 miles on the clock the Practical Sportsbikes Technical Consultant has finally convinced himself to do a track day on it. So recently he headed out on his rather striking machine to the magazine’s big weekender at Cadwell Park which we we also lucky enough to attend in association with Classic Bike Trackdays.

Gary’s been writing about his first circuit experience in the September 2016 edition of Practical Sportsbikes, which included trying to get rid of some rather rude daubings on the edge of his rear ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance tyre with some hard cornering, kindly left there by one of his journalist colleagues.

The ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance is the sportiest road tyre in our range. Based on our hugely popular treaded race tyres, it features a more versatile and durable compound which doesn’t need tyre warmers – so it’s perfect for fast road riding and occasional track day use. In an independent test by Performance Bikes in 2016, Jeremy McWilliams set his fastest lap on the tyre when comparing it to Racing Street rubber from other leading manufacturers, including the likes of the Supercorsa SP V2.

Cadwell is a physical circuit, and you don’t really appreciate the level of elevation change until you actually ride it yourself, but as the day progressed Gary continued to pick up the pace, even dicing with a couple of other riders and making good use of the Katana’s power out of the corners.

best fast road and track day tyresFollowing the experience Gary commented:

“I’m still mightily impressed by the Continental Race Attack Comp tyres that I’ve had on it for over a year now. In that time I’ve covered more than 4000 miles doing everything from drag racing, riding to work and now a couple of trackdays (one with Jim riding, and the other one me). Not only are they wearing well – I reckon there’s a couple of thousand more miles to be had from the rear – they’ve continued to impress me with their levels of grip and feel. They’ve suited my Katana perfectly, and I’d use them again without hesitation.”

It turns out the same goes again for doing another trackday….

Pick up a copy of the magazine now for the full story.

Find out more about the ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance here.