ContiAttack SM best Suzuki RGV tyre

Designed for supermotos and lightweight sportsbikes, the ContiAttack SM offer extraordinary light handling alongside outstanding grip and cornering stability.

Produced in Germany, the use our premium Black Chili compound which offers extremely fast warm-up times, even in colder weather conditions.

They’re even being used by a number of riders in the highly competitive Thundersport Superteen championship!

Practical Sportsbike editor Chris Newbigging has been running a set on his Suzuki RGV, and in the magazine’s August issue he had this to say:

“Small race reps are finicky about good rubber: bikes like my RGV lean for Japan but don’t have the weight to generate grip from any old hoops. Decent tyres are a must.

These are some of they: intended for supermotos, but the profile,weight ratings and available sizes are equally suited to lightweight race reps. I’ve had a pair on for the sunny day road/track use the RGV is wheeled out for, and though I can’t claim to have put thousands of miles on them, they’ve done the job of tyres I want on a hard-used, but seldom-used toy – like most two strokes.

Grip is good, they’ve proved stable, and there’s lot of feel from both ends. Though as a modern tyre, they demand modern suspension to make the most of them. I was unsure about the front until I had the forks overhauled by Maxton, and the front tyre started talking to me. They’ve a strong carcass and need a bit of load on them: saggy shocks and mushy forks won’t get the best from them.”

You can view the full range of ContiAttack SM sizes here.

(PS – looking for even more outright dry grip? Then check out the new ContiAttack SM EVO!)