South Africa Classic Series Zwartkops

It might be winter in Britain, but that hasn’t stopped Continental backed Phase One Endurance from getting involved in some racing action, they’ve just had to travel a little further afield!

With Phillip Island, New Zealand and Japan all proving to be dead ends, the team eventually looked to South Africa and the first two events in the three round Classic Series.

The first round took place last weekend at Zwartkops, close to the city of Pretoria, where temperatures can rise to the mid to high thirties at this time of year.

The 2015 European Classic Bike Series winning P&M Suzuki had to be tweaked to deal with the altitude and length of the races, normally set up for endurance races as opposed to these shorter sprint events.

The teams Swedish rider Peter Linden qualified well to top the Pre-1984 class with a 1.11.31 lap to start from the front of the grid on race day, seemingly adjusting to the heat after enduring regular minus 17 degrees Celsius at home this winter.

Both races went exactly to plan, with Peter fending off challenges from Rod Gray on his GSX 1100 Suzuki in thirty-four degree heat to emerge victorious.

The next round takes place this weekend at Killarney to the north of Cape Town, with a longer but less technical circuit.

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