History of Continental Motorcycle Tyres

It’s more than 100 years since Continental produced their very first motorcycle tyre, and it’s been an incredible technological journey since then.

Founded in Hannover in 1871, Continental has become the world’s 4th largest tyre producer, with many of our premium motorcycle tyres still manufactured in Germany to this day.

Initially, the Hanover factory started out by producing tyres for bicycles, along with solid tyres for motor vehicles.

With the arrival of the Hildebrand & Wolfmüller in 1894 the first motorcycle was presented to the world, and our first motorcycle tyre followed soon after.

In 1904, Continental became the very first tyre manufacturer to produce a tyre with a patterned tread, which was a huge sensation at the time.

Since then we’ve been behind a number of ‘firsts’ – for example when Wilhelm Herz broke the 300mph mark on his NSU Delphin in 1951.


By the mid 1970s Continental motorcycle tyres were being used around the globe, and in the 1980s we became the #1 replacement tyre in the USA, selling over 300,000 ContiTwin tyres alone.

Motorcycle Research & Development was put on hold in the 1990s as the business focused on other priorities, but at the turn of the century the department was revamped with huge investments made in developing new technologies specifically for 2-wheel.

Many of these technologies have evolved to become the core features of our range today, with ideas like MultiGrip and Traction Skin bringing added benefits to the rider and improving on ideas that are now commonplace.

Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated 2-wheel team, our latest products including the ContiRoadAttack 3 and ContiSportAttack 3 have gone on to top leading independent tests by the likes of Motorrad, Fast Bike and PS.

If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?