Best motorcycle off-road tyres

Take three different adventure bikes from a long term test fleet, set four off-road tests and find one winner – that’s what Motorcycle News have been up to this week pitting the new Africa Twin against the Multistrada Enduro and F800GS.

Each of the three bikes used a different manufacturer’s dual-purpose tyres for the feature in their 26th October feature, but it was the Honda with it’s Continental TKC 80 tyres that topped the bill at the end of everything.

When it came to tight turns the Honda had it nailed with it’s less imposing weight, excellent riding position and balance making easy work of intricate, slow riding.

On the obstacle course the BMW’s riding position and snatchy throttle left it behind, whilst the weight Ducati was unnerving on the steep camber turn leading into the final mini jumps. Meanwhile the Japanese bike, with it’s smooth power delivery, was ideal for tackling the slippery, rock strewn hill and deep ruts.

Splashing through puddles led to slides, and finally slides into jumps – again the Honda excelled, whereas the Ducati’s weight became a problem.

Africa Twin off-road tyresThe key final event was a time trial dash across grass and mud with the Honda’s rear TKC 80 tyre digging in to power the bike forwards, the Africa Twin winning the event by a healthy ten second margin.

Just to check that it wasn’t a fluke result, all the riders ran the time trial on the TKC 80 shod Honda – and all set their fastest times of the day.

You can read the whole article in this week’s Motorcycle News, starting on page 18.

Find out more about the TKC 80 range here.