Nick Sanders Tenere 700

Late last week Nick Sanders, who was recently awarded an MBE for his 2-wheeled exploits, collected the very first Yamaha Tenere 700 to roll off the production line.

Nick has had a long association with Yamaha, and with multiple trips around the globe under his belt, who better to test their latest middleweight adventure bike?

After switching the stock rubber for his favoured TKC 70 tyres, Nick is already on the road and heading for Dakar in Senegal, West Africa.

His route is taking him along the Trans Euro Trail across France and into Spain via the Pyrenees before he makes the crossing to Morocco. From there he will be following the route of the ’98 Dakar Rally, which was won by Yamaha’s star rider Stefan Peterhansel who retired soon after.

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Speaking with MCN recently, Nick stated:

“It’s like a bit of a holiday for me this! Once I’m in Morocco, I’ll head all over the Atlas mountains, then into the desert and down towards Mauritania then pop in to Senegal and Lac Rose. The whole trip is four or five weeks.

I’ve been with Yamaha for 16 years and we’ve done a lot together. I’ve done over half a million miles on Yamahas, including around the world four times. So if anyone should test it – I’m the person to do it.

This is the first time we’ve got a lightweight bike that is a genuine on and off-road machine and therefore we are able to take tracks I wouldn’t take before with impunity. There’s more confidence that you can go to places and not worry about picking it up if I have a tumble. It really doubles up the options for where I can ride.”

The TKC 70 will be the ideal fitment for this particular journey, offering excellent durability over the course of the trip while also providing more than adequate grip on the rough trails and barren desert terrain Nick will encounter.

According to Sanders, this trip is just a prelude to a much longer journey around the globe on the new Yamaha!

Find out more about the Continental TKC 70 here.