Nick Sanders expedition centre

We’re normally used to seeing Nick Sanders pushing himself to his very limits in far flung places like the Sahara or Patagonia, but next year he’ll also be offering a select group of riders the ultimate ‘staycation’ right here in Wales.

Based out of his expedition centre near Machynlleth, which is sponsored by Continental, the group of six to eight riders will be led by Nick on a journey of discovery without having to even take their passport.

Nick has come up with the Welsh Clover Leaf Ride, with Machynlleth’s relatively central position making it an ideal base to venture to all four corners of Wales by motorcycle – and when the circular route is plotted out on a map, it looks just like a four leaf clover!

The legendary adventurer is famed for his wealth of knowledge, and this applies to the network of fantastic and often undiscovered back roads of Wales too. Gated roads free of traffic, long forgotten stretches of winding tarmac and hidden mountain passes of unrivaled beauty, this trip combines four unique routes heading north, south, east and west with the comforts and gourmet cooking of Nick’s expedition centre.

ContiTrailAttack 2Nick has tested our entire range of adventure tyres on his various Yamaha machines down the years – but this trip is definitely one that calls for a road oriented tyre like the ContiTrailAttack 2 (pictured) or the more aggressively styled TKC 70 which is also more than capable off-road and on loose gravel surfaces which may arise on some more remote roads.

The trip is planned for 18th – 21st May next year and is ideal for any rider looking to explore more of their own back yard and some of the amazing routes it has hidden up it’s sleeve!

You can find out more about Nick’s latest idea via his website over at

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