Nick Sanders Motorcycle World Challenge 3

Following his 2015 Destination Adventure and Incredible USA trips, Nick Sanders has been busy working on his next big overland tours.

Nick Sanders Destination Adventure In 2017, Nick has announced that he will be leading a group of riders down through the Americas on his latest project – Motorcycle World Challenge 3, which will see his party ride all the way from New York to Santiago in Chile. The trip will the be followed by a second part in 2019, which sees Nick start out in Auckland, New Zealand – with a route yet to be decided.

In 2002 Nick led a group of 23 riders around the world, and then a second group in 2004 and says of his latest two part trip:

Motorcycle World Challenge 3 continues the story about what it really means to take part in the most major motorcycle expedition that exists on the planet. There is nothing greater for an adventure biker to be able to say, ‘I have motorcycled around the world on which I live.’ To facilitate a busy life and also to spread the cost, Motorcycle World Challenge 3 will be held over 15 weeks but spread over 2 non-consecutive years.”

Best motorcycle adventure tyresLeaving New York in January 2017, part one of the challenge sees riders embrace a cool USA climate as they cross over to LA, and continue down the Baja California to the border with Mexico. The warmer winds of Mexico will sweep the group down to Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, before a stop over in Costa Rica with it’s beautiful beaches, and eventually Panama. From Panama you can enjoy a ferry across to Colombia, and then down into Ecuador, and a hotel right on the equator. After crossing this invisible milestone, the ride continues along the spectacular Andes mountains, stopping off at the ancient city of Cuenca, as the party head south for the plains of Machu Pichu in Peru. Skirting around the famous Lake Titicaca, you then enter Nick’s favourite country on the route – Bolivia, with it’s vibrant capital La Paz, and the superb Uyuni salt flats, before being greeted by thick, dense jungle.

Northern Argentina is one of motorcycling’s best kept secrets – huge salt pans, lunar landscapes and active volcanoes dotted across this vast landscape. A 16,000 feet above sea-level crossing across the Alto-Plano to the oasis of San Pedro provides an opportunity for some respite, before dropping down to the coast and then crossing the Andes in and out of Central Argentina twice more on the way to Santiago. All that packed into just 7 weeks!

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Find out more about the trip of Nick’s official website!

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