Nick Sanders Sahara Motorcycle Trip

When you think of the Sahara, the hot, arid dunes and endless sand stretching far off into the horizon seems a million miles away.

Well, in 2015, Continental partner and renowned adventure rider Nick Sanders will be leading a group of riders from his adventure centre in Mid Wales to the very edge of this gigantic desert and back again.

Nick has led expeditions to this part of North Africa on 15 separate occasions, and this trip includes three crossings of the breath taking Atlas Mountains, and long long excursions into the desert regions in the west of Morocco. He is also planning a foray into the much less explored Anti-Atlas Mountains. The trip leaves the UK on 3rd September and returns on September 16th, riding down through France and Spain before catching the ferry to Morocco.

Check out Nick’s website for further information on the trip, including how to book.

Nick has been a partner of Continental motorcycle tyres in the UK for many years, having tested our products in some of the most extreme riding conditions the world has to offer, both on and off-road, during his record breaking rides.

If they can take everything that Nick has to throw at them, then our adventure range is surely good enough for you!