ContiAttack SM supermoto tyre ktm 690New ContiAttack SM Offers Maximum Driving Pleasure.

  • Supermoto high-performance sports tyre certified for road use.
  •  Exceptionally easy handling with extremely high grip.
  • Reliable handling control and excellent feedback at stability limits.
  • Traction Skin technology makes for an extremely safe and short break-in.
  • Development and production in Continental motorcycle tyre centre in Korbach in the German state of Hesse.

The new ContiAttack SM provides supermoto bikes even better grip for maximum driving pleasure. In designing the bike tyre, developers aimed for top performance in day-to-day road use. “Thanks to the combination of our Continuous Compound technology, Black Chili compound and 0-degree steel belt, the tyre can offer supermoto bikes extremely easy handling and optimum driveability.” Tried and tested Continuous Compound technology offers tyres extended mileage and more tenacious grip on cornering manoeuvres involving extreme banking. The new ContiAttack SM is suitable for supermoto bikes with up to 700 cc capacity. It additionally offers a very short warm-up phase, reliable feedback at the stability limit, good turn-in ability and ample control when braking into a curve. The new tyre from Continental was developed keeping in mind the properties bikers need when out and about with street-legal supermoto bikes on winding country roads. The same tyres let bikers take part on supermoto courses as well.

Another positive feature of the new ContiAttack SM is its innovative, high-grip tyre surface. This kind of surface ensures safe biking on freshly mounted tires from the word go. Referred to as “traction skin”, the underlying technology is able to dispense with mould release agents. Factory-issued with a rough tread, the tyre is ready to go more or less without the breaking-in phase previously required – a genuine safety advantage for every biker. Continental equips all new motorcycle tyre models with the cutting-edge technology.

The new ContiAttack SM was engineered in Continental’s motorcycle tyre centre in Korbach, Germany, and is also produced in Germany.

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