ContiRoadAttack 3 reviews

After winning the industry’s top sport touring tyre test last month, the all-new ContiRoadAttack 3 has been impressing once again as it gained a near perfect score in MCN’s big sport touring tyre test.

Eight of the latest sport touring tyres from the leading tyre manufacturer were tested at Bruntingthorpe on Yamaha’s MT-09 Tracer, with scores awarded in four key areas. The ContiRoadAttack 3 outscored the likes of Michelin’s Pilot Road 4, Avon’s new Spirit ST and Dunlop’s RoadSmart III.

  • ContiRoadAttack 3Comfort – 4/5

“Pretty good, coped well over all the lumps, bumps and imperfections with no harshness or instability. Not uncomfortable in any area and gives the bike a very high-quality feel.”

  • Front End Feel & Agility – 5/5

“Really good connection with the front tyre means big confidence when braking and turning. They give performance that exceeds the limitations of the Tracer, so they’d suit sportier riders and bikes. There’s a nice balance between handlebar effort and rate of turn.”

  • Rear-End Feel – 5/5

“Brilliant. I can’t fault the level of connection to the rear, as there’s so much grip. This means that you always feel connected and confident.”

  • Stability – 5/5

“Again, brilliant. Try as I might, I could not get these tyres to unsettle themselves at any speed. They were perfect in a straight line, and also at all points of the corner. Very nicely balanced tyres.”

  • Overall – 19/20

“Even from new, these tyres were ready to go with very little scrubbing in or warm up needing to be done’ I was scraping the Tracer’s footpegs almost straight away. They’ve got the perfect balance of sportiness and comfort – precisely what you’d expect from a good sports-touring tyre. They suit the Tracer down to a tee, and in fact exceed its power and handling performance, so you can be confident that they’d be ace on heavier and more powerful bikes too.”

The full test is available to read in this week’s MCN.

You can find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 3 here.