Nathan MIllward BMW R1200 GS America Trip

With 5 to 6,000 miles ahead of him, riding two up for several weeks across the USA, the BMW R1200 GS was the ideal motorcycle for Nathan Millward’s most recent trip across America.

They may have mainly been sticking to the roads, but this ex-Simon Pavey Off-Road School bike was still in need of a few modifications to make sure it was up to the job.

In Episode 9 of Adventure Bike TV, the accomplished travel author takes viewers through the mods he made to the bike, including fitting our latest TKC 70 tyres, in case they’re thinking of undertaking a similar trip and are wondering what they’ll need.

Clicking on the video below will take you straight to Nathan’s section:

Since his return, Nathan has still managed to go green laning on the same set of tyres, proving just how durable they can be!

You can view the full range of TKC 70 sizes here.