Continental MultiGrip Technology dual compound tyres

The idea of a dual compound tyre is pretty common these days, but with our unique MultiGrip Technology we thought we could go one better…

The dual compound principle is a simple one – a harder compound in the middle to improve mileage, joined to a softer compound on each shoulder for increased grip when cornering.

But riders often encounter two issues with a standard dual compound tyre.

Firstly, as you lean the bike over, there’s usually a noticeable feeling of ‘step’ as you transition from one distinct compound to another which can be somewhat unsettling.

Secondly, the area at which the two compounds are joined together often has a tendency to wear slightly unevenly, which only serves to make that feeling of ‘step’ more noticeable as you rack up the miles.

Continental’s engineers wanted to improve on the dual compound idea, and MultiGrip was their answer!

Many of our premium radial tyres in our range feature this unique technology, which allows us to create a dual compound style tyre from a single piece of rubber.

How does it work?

By carefully curing a single piece of rubber at different temperatures in different parts of the mould during the manufacturing process, Continental are able to produce a tyre which gets gradually softer towards the shoulders.

This makes the handling more progressive as you lean the bike over, eliminating that ‘step’ feeling. Plus with no join between two different compounds to worry about, it allows us to offer more consistent wear and overall levels of performance throughout the life of the tyre.

Just look out for the MultiGrip logo on our website!