MotoScotland and Road Safety Scotland

In July of this year Continental brand ambassador MotoScotland, Britain’s largest off-road training centre (based in Inveraray) were able to secure off-road motorbike training recognition from the Government Department for Transport and DVLA.

This then led to an invitation in September 2016 by the Director of Road Safety Scotland for them to give a presentation at the annual Road Safety Scotland National Seminar, discussing the benefits that off-road motorbike training can bring to road safety.

To a packed room of around 150 key delegates all involved in improving road safety, MotoScotland Director Clive Rumbold focused on just 3 of over 20 unique rider skills that his business teaches, which in turn can improve rider control and safety.

Off-road motorbike training gives riders the opportunity to learn key skills that can help them to better control their bike in challenging situations and environments. Using the vast MotoScotland site allows them to learn in a safe and controlled setting, away from the potential risks presented by other vehicles on public roads.

With no test or exam to deter those who may have already jumped through numerous hoops just to obtain their bike license, small group tuition with an experienced instructor is the name of the game here. This allows riders to learn skills at a pace suited to their individual needs. With MotoScotland, participants are taught how to ride a bike competently and remain in full control, rather than how to just pass a test.

The fun and enjoyable nature of these types of advanced rider courses can also help to attract a greater number of participants, meaning a greater benefit to those on the roads as a whole.

With the government hoping to reduce fatalities on Britain’s roads to zero by 2020, it’s great to see initiatives like this looking to the 2-wheel industry for some unique ideas and potential partnerships.

At a corporate level, Continental continue to innovate and find new ways to improve safety across all types of vehicles, and visitors to EICMA in Milan this year may have already seen some of our latest innovations for the motorcycle market, using the latest in radar, camera and sensor technologies.

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