Continental motorcycle tyre reviewsAs soon as one season finishes, the preparations start for the next one! In Germany, top motorcycling magazine Motorrad has been taking a close look at tyres in its latest issue to help riders pick the best tyres for the new season of riding ahead!

The magazine are well known for their tough testing of products, with it being seen by many in the industry as the most renowned testing magazine out there! The publication and their test riders got their hands on some of our latest tyres produced in Germany and gave readers their views on how they performed!

Testing the ContiTrailAttack 2 which is a 90% on, 10% off-road oriented tyre used as original equipment by the likes of KTM and BMW they said it was “a great tyre for country roads, with excellent ride properties”. Find out more about the ContiTrailAttack 2 here.

Then they moved on to the ContiSportAttack 2, our high performance hypersport tyre used by California Superbike School UK on their track bikes commenting that“Continentals SportAttack 2 delivers impressive handling and razor-sharp steering precision, making it an almost perfect companion for sporty riding on country roads.”Find out more about the ContiSportAttack 2 here.

The magazine also recommended our ContiRoadAttack 2 sport touring tyre as a top option for tuning a Honda CBF 1000 thanks to its “exceptional handling”. Find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 2 here.

Meanwhile another German magazine Motorradfahrer praised the “black magic” of the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO saying that “It really makes a great first impression. Just like its predecessor, the EVO is a great tyre for country roads. Ideal for improving the handling of unwieldy bikes”. Find out more about the EVO version here.

All of the tested products feature our latest motorcycle tyre technologies including:

  • Black Chili compound for fast warm up times, even in colder temperatures.
  • Traction Skin for immediate grip from the moment the tyre is fitted, reducing the need for scrubbing in.
  • Continuous Compound Technology to create a multi-compound style tyre from a single piece of rubber whilst also eliminating the feeling of step which many riders feel when transitioning from one compound to the next on a standard multi-compound tyre.

Many riders in the UK and around the world are discovering the benefits of riding on Continental, isn’t it time you made the switch and felt the difference for yourself?