Husqvarna Nuda 900

Some of the latest tyres from Continental have been put to test by the team at Motorrad magazine based in Germany in their latest issues, and their test riders were very impressed with the results! The magazine is well known across the industry for its very thorough testing, seen as some of the toughest in the world.

In their January 2014 edition Motorrad decided to find out what would happen if they fitted the brand new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO sport touring tyre to the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R. After a thorough test the magazine reported:

“The twitchy steering response has been replaced by a confidence-inspiring steadiness. In summary: the Conti tires work in perfect harmony with the Husky. The change of tires makes a considerable improvement to the Nuda in terms of handling and steering response. A hot tip for all Nuda fans.”

In their March 2014 edition they have also been testing out the ContiTrailAttack 2 on the BMW R1200 GS. The tyres are already fitted to the BMW as it comes off the production line, and they got a big thumbs up from the riders who said they delivered:

“Positively neutral handling, good steering precision, and brilliant response – even when the tires are cold.”

They then went on to say how these characteristics put the ContiTrailAttack 2 “in the limelight – especially on winding country roads”. Great feedback from a magazine renowned for its thorough approach to product tests!