ContiSportAttack 3 review

The ContiSportAttack 3 is our latest generation hypersport tyre, launched at the Red Bull Ring this summer and due to arrive in the UK in early 2016.

Designed to give ultimate levels of performance in the wet, without compromising on the famed dry grip and neutral handling of the ContiSportAttack 2, it is one of our most advanced motorcycle tyres to date – our new Grip Limit Feedback Technology allowing you even greater control on the edge of the tyre at big angles of lean!

ContiSportAttack 3 reviewAlso included is our core Traction Skin technology, which reduces the need for scrubbing new tyres by providing a unique micro-rough surface straight from the mould, also increasing rider safety. A new compound has also been used to improve wet weather performance, and our patented Zero Degree Belt technology has also been fine tuned to deliver even greater levels feedback.

At the official launch, journalists from around the world were invited to push the new tyre to it’s limits on a wide range of the very latest sportsbikes, including US based Motorcyclist Magazine who chose the latest YZF-R1 and Aprilia RSV4 and left feeling “duly impressed” with the abilities of the new tyre.

In their October 2015 issue they said:

“Conti’s goal for the third-generation SportAttack was to improve wet grip without compromising the dry grip that was the SportAttack 2’s signature trait. Testing showed – counter-intuitively – that a harder compound actually yielded better wet grip when paired with a softer carcass, so the tyre was redesigned accordingly. At the same time the carcass was enlarged slightly to increase the footprint, further improving grip and also stability especially under braking. The end result, Conti claims, is nearly a 20-percent improvement in wet grip and a slight improvement in mileage, with no change in dry grip or outright handling. (Dry conditions at the test prevented us from assessing wet performance.)

The SportAttack 3 looks big on the bike – an effect enhanced by deep, prominent rain grooves – and it feels taller too; both the Yamaha R1 and Aprilia RSV4 seemed to turn quicker on Continentals than on the Pirelli Supercorsas we rode during our recent Class of 2015 superbike test. Front tyre feedback – another signature SportAttack trait – remains fine-grained as ever, enhanced by a now-more-communicative zero-degree steel belt, while outright grip remains excellent, even under the S1000RR’s 185-hp onslaught. Conti’s MultiGrip technology uses a special curing process to make the compound gradually softer toward the edges so there are no hard transitions – or potential slip points – as with conventional multi-compound tyres.”

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