Mettet 4 Hour 2016 Phase One

The Phase One duo of Peter Linden and Stephane Mertens scored a convincing victory at the Mettet 4-hour over the weekend, putting in a superb performance over the two day race.

For the first time ever, the race ran a classic and hybrid post-classic class – with Phase One beating 33 other starters to win the overall race and the classic class.

Saturday’s 2-hour race went exactly as planned, with Mertens starting from pole position, and Peter Linden completing the long mid-stint as the P&M Suzuki led from start to finish. Team Force, who denied Phase One the win in 2015, went out early on with an oil problem, with 2nd placed 118 Senechal Suzuki four laps behind at the end of the opening leg.

Sunday’s 2-hour leg was not quite so easy. Merterns started the race in the wet, and after the first planned stop he noticed oil on his boot. The team pulled Peter in earlier than planned, changing to a three stop strategy. On stop two, they lost more than half of their lead as they performed a clean up and initial diagnosis on the bike. With no obvious issue, they used instant seal on all joints on the left hand side of the bike, the oil having landed in Stephane’s left boot.

With the bike back out on track, the team had a heated discussion which led to them focusing on the starter motor as the source of the problem. The next stop revealed that the starter motor had indeed broken, and an emergency repair saw Peter get back out on track, as he cautiously cruised to victory, with the team winning by two laps ahead of Baugy Motos Suzuki.

Next month they will be in action at the Spa 4-Hour as they look to defend their 2016 European Classic Bike Series title.

You can find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR as used by Phase One here.