Stephanie Pietz Continental brand ambassador

If you’re a fan of big American V-Twin motorcycles, you may recognise our latest brand ambassador Stephanie Pietz from her numerous appearances in various bike magazines.

A keen racer, rider and model, Stephanie’s love for motorcycles started at a young age, from the very moment she sat on her father’s ’76 Shovelhead.

Fast forward to today, and she can be found competing in the WORCS desert off-road series, as well as a popular US flat track series.

With over a decade of experience in the motorsport industry working alongside several major brands, we’re thrilled that our US colleagues have added her to the team!

Stephanie Pietz Continental

Stephanie recently spoke to them about her love for bikes:

When I was growing up there weren’t a lot of female riders to look up to. These days hundreds of women race and thousands of them own motorcycles. Which brings me to my ‘why’ do I do it. There are tons of beautiful females who can pull in a clutch and shift gears, but there are few who have a fueling passion for it that shows and resonates with others. When I get messages from female riders or just any female saying that I motivate them to ride more, buy a bike, or just adventure into the industry in general, it feels me with a great sense of accomplishment. The fact that I can be an inspirational role model, like the one I didn’t have growing up, is a feeling that is irreplaceable. I have the ability to show women that you can be a badass on a bike and still be feminine. You don’t have to stop acting like a girl just because you can hang with the guys on the track.”

When she has the chance, Stephanie can often be found riding her 1991 Harley-Davidson FXR, which is now fitted with our brand new ContiTour tyres.

You can check out what she is up to by following her on Instagram.

Image credit – Brandon Lajoie.

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