ContiTrailAttack 2 reviewAt Continental, we like to think that our adventure tyre range is second to none, with options for all riders, no matter what percentage of road, or off-road mileage they are doing.

In the November 12th 2014 edition of MCN, Liam Marsden gave his thoughts on our two road oriented options, namely the ContiTrailAttack 2 and ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO.

The ContiTrailAttack 2 is a 90% road, to 10% off-road oriented tyre, and offers light and agile handling to even the largest of machines, like the V-Strom 1000 that Liam was using as his long term test bike.

“I found these tyres quite a surprise” says Liam. “They gripped exceptionally well – all the way to the pegs touching down – and always felt planted. Braking performance was good, as was weather performance.”

Liam then went on to switch to the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO, which is our new for 2014 sports touring tyre for the road, which also comes in sizes for big adventure bikes.

“I couldn’t tell much difference in outright grip between these and the more trail-ready TrailAttacks” explains Liam. “Although with pegs touching there was still a little untouched tyre left on the edge with the RoadAttack. Grip was good, and I had a lot of confidence in the wet. They lasted well, toughing out a trackday and trip through Europe, round Tunisia and back to last around 4000 miles.”

ContiRoadAttack 2 Evo reviewWe all know that a new tyre should feel better than a worn one, and once he had finished his test, Liam then moved on to another major brand, as all good bike journalists do, it is their job after all. However, even with the pressures checked, and rechecked, the replacement tyres did not have his complete confidence, as Liam explains:

“Its funny how a slight hiccup can affect our feelings about tyres. The two pairs before this were both Continentals – a brand I had little experience of, but they both turned out to be great.”

Both tyres feature our unique Traction Skin, which minimises scrubbing in, and increases rider safety and confidence from the moment the tyres are fitted to your bike. A zero degree steel belt provides superb stability at high speed and under braking, and RainGrip is our latest compound for boosting your confidence on wet roads.

We have also recently introduced the new TKC 70, for riders who want to explore off the beaten track without compromising on road mileage. It is now available in the UK in sizes for the V-Strom 1000 and 650, and of course we still have the TKC 80, the Swiss army knife of adventure bike tyres, chosen by overland riders across the globe tackling the toughest terrain imaginable.

If you have got an adventure bike, we have got the right tyre for you. Speak to your local two wheel specialist today for further information.